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Sep. 6, Won 2nd prize at ICC conference, Kyoto, Japan

Nov. 1, Selected as a ASAC acceleration program member in Tokyo



We provide fish behavior sensors and data analytics engine to optize feeding.

Our primary service provides customers automated analytics of fish behavior and recommendation to optimaze timing and amount of feed. We understand increasing price of feed is becoming a challenge for growers and we provide solutions to reduce feeding cost. Our fish analytics engine provide realtime data of fish behavior and supports growers to decide when and how much of feed to provide. We value knowledge of experienced growers and the engine incorporate thier insights. Also, the engine leverages data from ocean environment and enable precise control of feed amount. Please contact our team for more detail.

Who we are

UMITRON is a data company for aquaculture, supporting aquaculture producers to collect, analyse and leverage data for better operation.

Our company started with a conversation between a data engineer, fish nutritionist and a grower. Whereas consumer demand for aquaculture products have been rapidly increasing and stable production is a key for continuous growth of the industry, data driven appoach has not been adopted in the production site enough. As a team of engineer who believe technology creates value only when it solves customer's pain points we work together with customers and provide data solutions to take your business to the next level.



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