The world of internet and real
The evolution of the Internet and blockchain in recent years brings out a wonderful benefit that dramatically develops human-centered communication and economic activity. Now all people are connecting each other on the internet.
On the other hand, how far is the breakthrough in the real world that supports the foundation of people's lives such as energy and food fields as far as the 21st century goes?
The connected earth
In 2050, more than 9.7 billion people will be connected by mobile and the world consumption behavior has become more active. The problem we have got to face is how to supply sources from the finite earth to the growing humanity.
Umitron is applying the technology which has been utilized mainly in "human" to "the whole earth (Nature)" as well in order to expand our future possibilities.
Computerized aquaculture
We use the technology such as IoT and AI to create a world water revolution. Currently, we are working on modeling computerized optimal aquaculture through data conversion of the ocean and pond. In June 2017, we released "UmiGarden" as the 1st product, realizing feed optimization in aquaculture by fish school analysis. We aim to improve the safety, sustainability, stable supply of aquatic resources, and the working environment in aquaculture by developing and providing a computer model that accumulates cultured know-how around the world.
Quantify aquaculture
In situ data sampling
Satellite remote sensing
DNA analytics
Optimal aquaculture modeling by Computer
History of food production
Humanity began producing food actively when the glacial era ceased. Around this time, the world population has dramatically increased because we did not only deprive "food resources" from nature but establish a method to create "provisions" by itself involving nature.
In this way, as agriculture and pastoralism have become commonplace in the hands of people for centuries as a civilization matures, while the fisheries field still has predator-centered culture.
Potentiality of aquaculture
However, new technology is about to change the world of fisheries. Breakthrough of technologies such as IoT, Cloud, AI, etc., the underwater area which has been difficult to manage than on land is changing to the area of human activity.
Now demand for animal protein is growth because of population growth and global health boom. As a result, the aquaculture market continues to grow at a rate far exceeding population growth rate. Using "technology" for "ocean", occupying three-quarters of the earth, shows us the possibility of new food supply to mankind.
Aquaculture issues
Aquaculture has two big problems. One is productivity bottom up. Aquaculture is a growing industry mainly in Asia. On the other hand, most of them are not yet advanced, and even worse, inappropriate methods cause environmental destruction.
Another issue is food safety. In the future society, trust visualization is more required even in the realistic industry such as aquaculture.
Umitron will use technology to raise the productivity of aquaculture and create a way to provide a highly transparent food supply.

install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth

Aquaculture is one of the most important growth industries in the 21st century. Our mission is to develop computerized aquaculture to keep ocean sustainability and provide safe & stable seafood.