Create a new era

Evolution of technology is irreversible against the times. The values ​​and ideas of young generations who touched the new technology from early childhood will be the next detonator for Umitron. We will provide you with a new voyage to use your experience such as daily study and research to the real world beyond the Internet.

Team for global agenda

Now is the era when individuals are more active. In such an era, what is the meaning of forming a team? Umitron thinks that it is necessary to solve global agenda that span multiple specialized fields. We believe that exploring each expertise and communicating beyond their specialized field will create new creativity. We are waiting for the application of all the people such as scientists, engineers, creators, catalysts, who sympathize with our mission.

Ken Fujiwara

Co-founder. R&D Engineer at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). At Mitsui & Co., Ltd., he was engaged in business investment and development as a manager in microsatellite and agricultural IT businesses. Tokyo Institute of Technology /Ms. Eng, University of California, Berkeley /MBA 

Masahiko Yamada

Co-founder. Engaged in the development of microsatellite in university. At Mitsui & Co., Ltd., he promoted overseas electric business, building power futures trading and revenue modeling using weather fluctuation. Engaged in analyzing consumer data at Metaps Inc. Kyushu University /Ms. (Eng)

Takuma Okamoto

Co-founder. Specialty is image processing. After engaging in the development of the largest social game platform in Japan at GREE, Inc., Ltd. At Metaps Inc., he developed native application, server side, and SDK for the analysis service of mobile application and video. Tokyo University of Science /Ms. (Eng)

Makoto Sato, PhD

Data Scientist. As a Postdoctoral Researcher, he studied document analysis aimed at restructuring knowledge. After dealing with consumer data analysis by machine learning at Metaps Inc., Engaged development of matching platform at China Drone startup. The University of Tokyo /Ph.D. (Eng)

I Nyoman Radiarta, PhD

Geoinformatics Scientist. He was engaged in building a spatial information system using a satellite and a weather change model for sustainable aquaculture. Director of Institute for Marine Research and Observation (IMRO) in Indonesia. An adviser of Umitron. Hokkaido University /Ph.D. (Fisheries) 

Takeshi Kunimi

Software engineer. Studied Machine Learning. After responsible for a server-side development of SNS and chat service at GREE, Inc., responsible for the server-side development of new business at nextbeat Co.Ltd. Kyoto University /Ms. (Eng)

Toru Yagi

Software Engineer. Studied marine ecosystem engineering, especially fish farming problem and fluid simulation. In GREE and CrowdWorks, dealt with consumer web services widely such as automation for infrastructure operation and application development. University of Tokyo /Ms. (Eng) 

Tomohiro Murota

Software Engineer. Studied Bioinformatics. Developed printer system in Canon IT Solutions. In COLOPL, developed both of server and application side for popular titles as full stack eng. In Metaps, as lead eng, developed SDK and server side of mobile measurement platform. Kyoto University /Ms. (BioSc)

Hiroshi Tada

General Manager. In Itochu Corporation at Aerospace Department, in charge of agency business for the overseas manufacturers of Aerospace & Defense. He achieved YoY 300% of sales booking with GOJ in his program and was promoted to Project Manager in the shortest period of time. Kyushu University /Ms. (Eng)

Ichsan Fauzi, PhD
Biologist for Fish Nutrition & Health. After working as a researcher at Texas A & M, he deals with fish nutrition such as alternative feed and differences between salt and fresh water farming for same species. Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology /Ph.D. (Agr)

install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth

We are looking forward to your join in our voyage.