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Creating new value by combining new fields

To achieve our goal, "install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth", we believe it is important to see the smooth integration of hardware, software, and computer networks for the ocean. By strongly fusing hardware and software we can quantify the real world aquaculture environment and we can analyze this data with edge computing while on the ocean, an inhospitable environment for operating computer systems. Furthermore, by integrating the data obtained on the ocean with other fields of study such as fish physiology, oceanography, consumer marketing, design thinking, and business management, we can drive towards our goal to “install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth”.

One genius than 100

Until now there has been no precedent in the world for aquaculture computing. In order to solve big global issues in ocean sustainability with aquaculture data analytics our team needs to have strong expertise and curiosity in many different fields. Also, we need team members who have a strong passion for our mission.Our team members respect each other’s opinions, values, and experiences. They work together across disciplines to find real-world solutions, and they take ownership when faced with difficult problems. UMITRON teams are self-directed and have clear project goals and deliverables. UMITRON aims to create a culture of teamwork where we work fast, try new things, and stay flexible. First we will find one extra genius than 100.

Explore locally,
Impact globally

Let's start on a cross-border voyage

Our field is the ocean. To "install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth" as a deeptech company UMITRON engineers and scientists regularly visit aquaculture farm sites all over the world, We enjoy meeting aquafarmers, it allows us to understand their problems and observe their challenges directly. We believe that understanding and observing local issues is the first step towards finding solutions for global issues like food supply shortages and the environmental degradation of the world’s oceans. UMITRON confronts real world on-site problems and after identifying these problems we ask ourselves “how can our technology help solve global social and environmental issues that extend beyond national borders”. For there are no borders on the ocean. Shall we start our new voyage? Explore locally, Impact globally


Job list


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Introduction of UMITRON team members and their diverse backgrounds


  • kenfujiwara
  • masahikoyamada
  • takumaokamoto
  • takeshikunimi
  • toruyagi
  • tomohiromurota
  • akikosato
  • yudaimatsuse
  • manaminoda
  • nicholas
  • joyce
  • kosuketakahashi
  • takeshikunimi

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