Create computerized aquaculture

Collect all data related to aquaculture and build a sustainable aquaculture computer model.



Satellite remote sensing

Machine learning



Optimization of operating costs

Adjusts feeding by fish school behavior analysis


Reduction of business risk

Data service for aquaculture insurance

Who is UMITRON for?

For Aquafarmers

Improve operational costs by optimizing fish feeding and enabling work style reforms
Reduce business risks by analysing environmental data
Increase sales with sustainably-grown, value-added fish

For Consumers

Provide transparency for fish products with traceable feeding data
Increase the worldwide supply of sustainable protein products

For Earth

Preserve our natural marine resources by shifting from fisheries to aquaculture
Save our beautiful oceans for future generations

UMITRON is using technology to solve problems in the aquaculture industry. Our first solution optimizes fish feeding, reducing the largest cost for aquafarmers while also increasing the operation’s environmental sustainability. We aim to bring the aquaculture industry into the future by sequentially identifying aquafarmer's pain points and providing them with innovative solutions that leverage new technologies. These solutions not only directly benefit aquafarmers, but will also positively impact global seafood consumerism and the environment. We believe that our solutions are critical for the future well being of our planet.

install Sustainable
Aquaculture on Earth


Please contact us if you would like to improve your aquaculture operations. We would love to hear from you and we will work to identify how we can best support you with our technology and experience.
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